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  • How did we move all of this stuff?

    If you’re not on our e-blast list, and didn’t see the posts on social media, let me first share the news. WE’VE MOVED! We’re in the same town, in fact only a 4 minute walk from our original location. But now that we’re on MAIN STREET, it’s a whole different world!   We’re right in the thick of things. Never a dull moment.

    So how DID we move it all? We get asked that question a lot. So here it is, in a nutshell:

    We hired the big guns for the heavy stuff: A construction crane. The professionals at Bruce Industrial have never let us down. They moved over 10,000 lbs of our equipment using a crane and riggers in just one (very long) day. These guys know what they’re doing. They spent a whole day lifting equipment from the second story of our old place, putting it on a flat bed truck, and unloading it very carefully using pulleys, pallet jacks and raw muscle right into our new facility. It was an amazing thing to watch. Add to that professionals from the equipment company who disassembled and re-assembled the big machines, the crew that unhooked and reconnected all the compressor equipment, and the electricians who put in over 100 hours of work to get us up and running, plumbers, carpenters, City inspectors, volunteers and the owners husband… was a big deal for little old us. And shazam, we were printing orders in just a few days.

    For the “medium” equipment, display cabinets and offices, Hopkins and Sons moving company did a bang up job. Two moving vans and one day later, things started taking shape in our new digs.

    For the rest of it….well, we learned the hard way that it takes a lot longer to move a thousand cartons, dozens of 80 lb slat boards and file boxes galore than you think it will. Our staff dug in, worked crazy sweaty 15 hour days, painted and shchlepped, fluffed and primpted, and within a week or so, we were open for business! OUR STAFF IS AMAZING. No other word for it. Hands down, the best EVER.

    Turns out, when you move from a 6800 square foot facility to a 5200 square foot facility, there’s a lot to cull through, donate, repurpose and squish. But we managed. We no longer have an upstairs, but we DO have all of our screen printing equipment, embroidery machines, and graphics departments right here on one floor in our new location.

    Now…we’re still fluffing, primping and unpacking a few things, but we’re getting settled and it feels like home.

    So…. Come on by for a visit. Ask for a tour of our production facility. It just takes a minute, but it’s pretty cool, so we’re told. You can see where we create Greek shirts, screened tees, embroidered logos and lots more. You can find is across the street from the National 5 & 10, not far from Grotto’s, right near California Tortilla. Address: 61 East Main St. Park behind in the Galleria lot. And definitely email if you have any questions. Always glad to help!


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