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  • Fall Fashion

    As soon as we experience our first frost in the northeast, we realize we finally need to let go of summer. This is the week. It’s a hard realization, but thank goodness for the fun things of fall! Flip flops turn to boots, tank tops turn to long sleeved tees (in our case, Comfort Colors pocket tees!) and iced coffees turn to pumpkin lattes. So, we let go reluctantly, but let’s face it, we love fall, don’t we?

    Here in our store, we embrace all the really great things about fall fashion. Gold monogrammed necklaces and bracelets are hot this season. In fact, all things monogram are selling like crazy! Puffy vests, cozy quarter zips, and really pretty plaid scarves, to name a few. We do plenty of individual items for gifts (and self-gifting, let’s face it). We also do some great chapter PR orders for sororities this time of year. Screen printed quarter zips, rugby shirts, polar fleece jackets….just about anything you can put a Greek monogram or letters on is fair game. If you haven’t placed your orders yet, we’re glad to help. A quick email is enough to get the ball rolling: Happy to help!

    So, as you attend all the events of fall… tailgates, hay rides, philanthropy events, sisterhood retreats… embrace the great styles of the season. And give in to that apple cider donut craving, at least once! :)

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