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  • “What makes us different from others in our industry?”

    People often ask us “what makes you different from others in your industry?”

    I’ve often found that difficult to answer without my answer sounding contrite, but it really is customer service. If I ever forget just exactly how much it means to our clients that we go the extra step, all I have to do is read the testimonials they send us. It bolsters my faith in that piece of doing business that is often intangible. I mean… might mean that we order samples for someone to try on before placing a group order, which technically is tangible. And it may mean that we get the majority of our orders out the door before they’re due. That’s fairly tangible. But there are 100’s of subtle gestures we make daily that keep our clients coming back, telling their friends, and singing our praises. I’ll list a few here, straight from our recent testimonials:

    1) Guidance. We try to be sure you have all the information on hand before you make a decision, which often means telling you about other options that might be more durable, less expensive, or have a quicker turn around time. We don’t mind making recommendations, and in fact, do so readily.

    2) Attention to craftsmanship. We either do all the work in-house (apparel primarily) or we have a top notch, industry leading manufacturer do the work. Either way, we don’t skimp. We aim to see smiling faces every time we deliver an order. No skimping

    3) We take deadlines seriously. If we can’t do something in time, we won’t take the order. If we can, we make sure it’s done. Our customers occasionally call it magic. We call it service.

    4) We partner with you. We sometimes need to work very closely together to get the intended end result on a custom item, and we love the collaboration aspect! We care about the things you care about. It makes for a pleasant experience, to say the least.

    5) We make it easy. People have told us this in many different ways over the years: painless, fun, awesome….but most often we hear “Thanks, that was SO easy!” Yup.

    6) We become friends with our clients. We really do! Life is too short to not love what you do. We want to enjoy the process, and want you to also. Simple as that.

    7) Responsiveness. We hear that a lot too. We believe in returning calls promptly and emails as well. In fact, if we won’t have an answer to your question that same day, we will write to tell you we received your inquiry, and provide a time when we believe we’ll have the answers. It’s common courtesy and just the way we like to do things.

    8) We don’t think you’re crazy. (well, maybe occasionally!) But honestly, we know even the most uncommon requests are valid, and often super fun…..and if we can find a way to accommodate, we will, or we will make a recommendation if we can’t.

    9) We’re honest. Simply put. Right down to our willingness to tell you if we think a better option is available at a lower price. We sleep well at night following this mantra.

    10) The little things. Need your car loaded? Got it. Want to borrow the hand truck to take an order down the street? Sure. Prefer a bag over a box? Why not? :)

    Thanks for listening. If we forgot anything, we’re always in the mood to hear what our customers have to say. Some call them testimonials!~we call them Happy Grams!

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