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    What does Pokemon GO have to do with Greek Life?

    Absolutely nothing. But I’m going to draw some parallels anyway.

    Greek Life is about getting out there (like gamers everywhere giving up the couch!) and making a difference in the lives of others, be it your Fraternity brothers, Sorority sisters, or to those you serve in your philanthropic efforts.

    It’ll take you places you’ve never been before. Like monuments. And fire stations. And fountains. But in the case of Greek Life, it’ll probably take you to the outer reaches of your comfort zone. That’s a good thing. Just make wise choices and watch where you’re going.

    Everybody is NOT doing it. But those who are, are part of a diverse crowd. International students, Dads and kids, professors, sorority girls….and gamers. Open your mind and heart up to the diversity of your campus and create a brotherhood that expands your world.

    Whether you realize it or not, you stand out. Your behavior is being observed. Not in a creepy way, but in the same way that oblivious Pokemon GO Trainers are seen wandering around staring at their upright phones. It is clear they are playing a game–or are experiencing a zombie apocalypse. To outsiders viewing Greek Life, you stand out. Please let that be in a good way. Open doors for people. Go out of your way to be friendly. While wearing letters, especially, resist the urge to do something that others view as obnoxious… stop in the middle of traffic to catch a Pokemon, or trespass in someone’s back yard. Or worse :)

    Calling all Pomemon Go-ers: keep your eyes open, do good, and be wise.

    To all Fraternity and Sorority members: keep your eyes open, do good, and be wise.

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