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    We want to be certain to meet any reasonable deadline.Order times listed here are an estimate only, due to the variety of orders placed online. If you need something by a particular date, please contact us directly, as we can very likely meet your event date.

    We're gradually adding products to our new site. In the meantime, contact us to order American Apparel, Next Level, Jackets, Line orders and all the things you love from your favorite Greek supplier!

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    Apparel Design Studio

    This Apparel Design Studio is a fantastic tool, and great fun to play with to create your own designs. We encourage you to upload your logos or artwork, and embellish if you wish!

    Please know that not every design created is appropriate for screen printing due to the number of colors designed into your art combined with the quantity of shirts desired. For example, if you create a fireworks display with lettering and skyline graphics, and the number of imprint colors exceeds 6, but you’re ordering 100 shirts, the price will still be quite cost effective. However if you only want 3 shirts, chances are good that screen printing is not the way to go, in which case we’d make some recommendations.

    We also encourage you to let us do the work for you! Artwork comes free with your order, except for those VERY very very VERY rare occasions when the creation of your custom art is “off the charts!” ;) We know these types of things on the early end, and would make you aware right away.

    As always, we work with our clients to determine the best combination of design elements, color pallet, quantity, quality and price.




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