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    Vinyl Letters

    vynl1Vinyl lettering is often confused with screen printing because it can have a similar look and feel. The difference is that screening is wet ink applied to an item, which is then cured to become a permanent part of the fibers. Great detail, half tones, even full color process can be achieved with screening. Vinyl material is a solid made from the same plastisol ink used in screening, but because it’s in a solid sheet, it’s cut with a blade to the desired shape and size.

    Because it’s cut from solid material, the degree of intricacy is limited. Fonts must exceed 1” to cut cleanly, and artwork should be bold rather than fine or whispy. Vinyl is then applied to a shirt using a combination of heat and pressure, melting the design onto the shirt.vynl2

    One of the key advantages to vinyl is the ability to do small runs—even one—of something with relative cost effectiveness. Some jobs are just perfect for vinyl, like simple logos, and lettered shirts. The perfect example? Bachelorette party shirts, “crawls” and “inside jokes” are done often. Others, it’s a toss-up between screen printing or vinyl. Often we price them both out and let the customer determine their preference based on the factors we discuss.

    In recent years, vinyl materials have been offered in a wider array of colors, metallics and even patterns such as giraffe print, zebra print or tie dye. It’s certainly the lettering choice for names and numbers on team jerseys, but has become a favorite for all types of clients from student groups to businesses.vynl3

    Let us answer any questions you may have: email us here, or get a quote.

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