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  • Embroidery Services

    Embroidery is best described as a design or lettering stitched directly into a garment. The end result is literally thread that’s decoratively woven into the surface of a shirt, bag, jacket or blanket. This is a high quality and classy way to embellish an item. Embroidery is the ideal way to add a personal name to just about any item, especially jackets. It is also one of the best methods of embellishing an item with a corporate logo, school mascot or organizational emblem.

    Lettering can be done in script, block or any number of fonts chosen from our library of embroidery fonts. We can also have special fonts, signatures and logos digitized so they can be embroidered onto a variety of items.

    Digitizing is the creation of a unique digital file that quite literally places each stitch in a design (including the direction of each section of thread to give it texture) so that when an embroidery machine’s software reads it, it’s able to duplicate your design expertly using needle and thread.

    Items that are ideal for embroidered logos are polo shirts, hats, jackets, tote bags and blankets, to name a few. Doing large surface areas with embroidery, such as a jacket back, can look beautiful, but can be cost prohibitive to many. There are often ways we can suggest to reduce the cost, such as adding fabric as a design element, or possibly screening a patch. The very best way to know what the cost will be is to upload your image for a quote or to email us so we can provide pricing.

    Lettering is priced by the height of the letter itself, as well as the number of letters in a word or phrase. As a general rule, most jacket names (3/4? lettering) run $6 per name.

    Logos are priced by stitch count, but as a general rule, a left chest design will cost $45 to $65 to digitize (this is a one-time cost), and each sew out will cost between $6 and $15. The very best way to know what the cost will be is to call, upload your image for a quote or to email us so we can provide pricing.

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