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  • Embroidery: F.A.Q

    1. What is embroidery?

    Embroidery is thread that gets sewn directly into an item, by computer driven sewing machines. Examples would be a name on a jacket, or a polo with a company logo.

    2. How long will it take?

    Lead time depends on quantity ordered and occasionally, how many stitches are in the design. Single items typically take 3 days from start to finish, a week if we need to order the item. Larger jobs for corporate companies or groups can take up to 2 weeks. We try to accommodate all reasonable deadlines and event dates so just give us a ring for faster turnaround times.

    3. Can I bring in my own items?

    Yes, usually. We recommend you stop in and let us take a look at what you want done. Not all items can be embroidered. Some materials are too delicate, and others too thick. Small openings, zippers, buckles and other factors often make it impossible to work on.

    *Disclaimer* Bringing in your own items is at your own risk.

    4. Can you embroider my company’s logo?

    Yes! If you provide us a .jpg or other file of your art we can set up the logo. There is a one-time set up fee to get your logo digitized. Prices for this vary depending on the size of the finished design and number of stitches. Once an order is placed, and we have the logo “digitized”, we will sew out a full color sample for customer approval before we sew the order onto clothing, hats, blankets, etc. If purchasing 36 items or more the setup fee is FREE!

    5. Does your thread fade or bleed?

    No, we use a high density polyester no-bleed thread.

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