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  • Promo Products & Awards: F.A.Q

    What’s the minimum order?

    Minimum order quantities vary among products and manufacturers.  A general rule of thumb is, the less expensive the item, the higher the minimum order.  For instance, imprinted pencils might have a minimum of 500 pieces, while an order of embossed leather briefcases might have a minimum of 12 pieces.  Plastics (cups, bottles) fall in the 100 piece minimum, and glassware typically 36-72.  Check out our LINK to peruse options and check minimums, get a quote here LINK, or email us with specific questions here LINK.

    How long do printed products take?

    Again, that can vary.  It’s best to leave 3 weeks for art collaboration, production and ship time.  Some products can be done more quickly, as several manufacturers have reduced production time to accommodate clients better.  Other items, particularly overseas items like silicone bracelets or flash drives, will often take 3-6 weeks.  If in doubt, please contact us so that we can flush out the details for your order and provide accurate lead times on the items under consideration.

    How expensive are imprinted products?

    That’s a loaded question!  They literally run the gamut from a few cents for tokens, to hundreds of dollars for crystal awards.  There are products in most every price range, and even specials on things from time to time that make them more affordable.  Check out our events area for more detailed info LINK TO ASI, request a quote here:  LINK or send us an email with questions here:  LINK.

    What about artwork?

    You’re in luck….we do the art for you at no charge!  The single exception to that rule is if something is exceptionally time consuming, which happens very seldom (like once a year max).  Why do we provide art for free?  We firmly believe that our experience in logo placement and design will provide the maximum impact on whatever item you choose.  We often say we’ve seen it all….and because of that, we know how to design artwork and “tweak” lettering to best utilize the imprint space, giving you far more value for the money.  Leave it to the experts…you have better things to do with your time than learn to be an artist…unless of course, you’ve made that a goal in life!

    Will you meet my deadline?

    One of the first questions we’ll ask is “What is your event date?”  Then we’ll make the determination if we can meet the deadline before we ever take an order.  If we say we’ll do it, we will do it.  We strongly suggest that you plan ahead, however, so that rush fees and air shipping don’t factor in to your order, as those two things have a way of breaking budgets.  The good news:  we know which companies have NO rush fees, and are based 3 shipping days or less from us, to minimize or completely eliminate unnecessary additional charges.  Generally speaking, the more lead time we have, the more product and imprint options we can offer you, and the more likely you are to come in at or below budget.

    How do you deal with breakage in shipment?

    Over the years, we’ve used a variety of manufacturers, some of which were less than stellar at packing a solid box of delicate glassware.  We’ve learned.  We have a select few “favorite” vendors that virtually never let us down, even when it comes to breakage.  We know you want ALL the glasses you ordered on the night of your event….not three weeks later when replacements show up.  Occasionally that means packing fewer items in each box so that the “air cells” provide a cushion.  More boxes can mean slightly higher shipping costs, however we’ve weighted the options, and frankly, we find it WELL worth it.  We think you will too.

    Do you have hidden fees?

    Nope :) When quoting, we provide all the information you need to make a sound decision.  When ordering imprinted products, each individual product manufacturer has it’s own set of charges.  We lay them out for you so you can budget properly.  Three things factor into virtually every imprinted order:

    1. Price of the item itself
    2. Screen charge per color/location imprinted
    3. Shipping from the manufacturing facility.

    On occasion, added colors mean added costs, but we spell that out for you in the quote process.  If we know that multiple print colors are important to you, we may be able to find an item which doesn’t involve added costs for multi color.  If the product you like best comes from California, which inflates shipping costs due to the length of travel, we may be able to find a similar item closer to home.  Let us know your needs, and we’ll gladly provide a quote.

    How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping costs vary, but are based primarily on the weight of the items ordered, and the distance traveled.  Additional factors are gas prices at the time of order, number of boxes shipping, as well as the “bulk” of the product, which UPS refers to as dimensional weight.  For instance, 100 plastic cups that “nest” inside one another, will ship in fewer boxes than an order of 100 plastic mugs that sit individually in a box.  There will be more boxes en route, therefore shipping is likely to be higher.  As always, we will determine the shipping amount prior to taking your order.

    What payment types do you accept?

    We accept cash, checks, debit, and the following credit cards:  VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.  This web site is secure, so you can feel confident making a payment online.  We do not accept PayPal at this time.

    Do you provide samples?

    There are times when it makes sense to see the product before it’s actually ordered, and when those occasions arise, and time allows, we’re glad to provide random samples, normally at no cost to the customer for the first item.  While items printed with your specific logo are not available as a sample, we will gladly create a virtual sample for you to view so you have a great idea what the finished custom product will look like.


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