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  • Screen Printing: F.A.Q.

    1. How much does printing cost?

    Each job is unique but pricing varies depending on these factors:
    Number of shirts ordered to be printed at one time
    Type of shirt (basic tee, fashion tee, long sleeved, etc)
    Shirt color
    Number of ink colors used

    The more shirts we print at the same time, with the same design, the larger the bulk discount will be. As for color combinations we have three levels for basic pricing. White shirts are the least expensive. A light colored shirt with a dark color ink print is the next level up & dark shirts with light color ink print are the most expensive.

    For a custom quote please call the store at 302-738-7933 or 800-504-2618 to speak with our screen print department.

    2. Why is it more expensive to order dark shirts?

    Great question. Dark shirts actually cost more for the mills to make due to the dying process. On the print side, light inks soak into the shirt and practically disappear on the first pass. We heat the ink layers up, and hit it again, so the imprint is bright and crisp and long lasting. It takes twice as long, but the finished product is fab.

    3. Why does it cost more to have more ink colors?

    We actually create a screen for each color, so even if you need a tiny speck of red in your design, we’ll create a screen for that color, and print that color as we would a large design element. If each side of the shirt has different artwork, then a screen will be created for each color on the second side as well (even if the ink colors happen to be the same, typically the design is not and will require another screen).

    4. How do I order the least expensive shirt?

    White basic shirts with a one color imprint on one side is the least expensive way to go. Ordering 100+ will be less expensive per shirt than, say 12. And 1000+ is going to be the best buy (if you need that many of course) Also, there are many times we can help you eliminate ink colors just by the way we create your artwork. We can work with you to meet any reasonable budget. It’s amazing the impact great art can make, and keep your design colors to a minimum.

    5. How long does a job take?

    A standard job can take 1-2 weeks from start to finish. We try to accommodate deadlines and event dates so just give us a ring for faster turnaround times.

    6. Do I have to create the art?

    Nope! It’s great if you have it but our graphic artist can create your shirt design from your ideas or sketch art for you at no extra charge. All you need is a basic concept to get started and we take it from there. (with your approval, naturally!)

    7. Do I get to see a shirt printed first before all the rest are printed?

    We provide a black and white print out on paper of your art actual size for you to see & approve before we print the shirts. If you would like a virtual color sample we can create that as well to send you. But an actual pre-printed shirt will not be available.

    8. Do you ship?

    Yes! We ship UPS….so you shirts can be brought right to your doorstep.

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